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Let Technology find your way, We Are Here to Help!!

At Phij-techs you will never go wrong. Quality and Durable is Our Priority 

We repair different brands of POS, kindly email us for more information and quotes.

We supply stationery, and office furniture

Want office or personal computer kindly email us the specifications or type of a computer you want.

Want external or internal peripherals kindly email us 

POS Terminals

We supply, maintain and service of POS terminals. Thus include; Verifone, Topwise, Pax and Egenico

Laptops & Desktops

We Supply Brand new and Pre owned Laptops and desktops, we also do servicing.

Mobile Phones

We Supply Brand New and good seconds mobile devices.

Peripheral Devices

We Supply Perripheral devices, such as; Printers, computer speakers, Scanners, Headphones, External storage devices.


We Supply stationery materials and equipments, i.e Ream of paper, pencil, Ball points, Folders, cutters, bidders etc.

Service & Repair

Connect through ICT

Let ICT connect us all from different angles of the earth.